How our environment can affect our habits & behaviours

Nitin Chaudhary

Nitin is a lifelong ‘habiteer’. Years back, Nitin struggled with quitting bad habits and forming good habits. That was before he educated himself on the science of forming new habits and building the willpower to resist unwanted temptations.

With the knowledge he built and the practical experience he gained of building new habits, Nitin decided to create a course that can ease this journey for others. That is how The Habit School was born.

Nitin holds a B.Tech from IIT Delhi and an MBA from Copenhagen Business School. He is currently based in Sweden.

Priya Sharma

Priya is a Computer Science Engineer by education and an Instructor for Breathing Techniques, Yoga and Mindfulness by passion. In 2009, along with her journey as a practitioner of yoga, meditation and breathwork, her journey as a student in the science of “habit inculcation” also began.

Over the years, Priya learnt the skill through a series of successes and failures with building her own daily habits in yoga, meditation and breathwork, and through conscious skill upgrading with the help of coaches in the field. Having seen her own journey and mistakes that could have been avoided, and driven by her passion for helping others, Priya decided to start coaching people on the science of habits, and together with Nitin, she built The Habit School. Priya also works as a Patent Research Specialist with Tetra Pak in Sweden.

What People Are Saying

Mira Swarup,

Communication Coach, Delhi

“I attended The Habit School recently and was blown away at how I was able to make my habits stick. I had been trying for years to incorporate certain habits such as daily meditation and yoga, and I learnt what I was doing wrong and why I was failing. The Habit School made me aware that some attention to our daily routines and the knowledge of how habits are built systematically, can make all the difference between success and failure. I have been able to stick to my practices much better than before and that has given me immense confidence that I now know the system of habit creation. When I slip… I know where and how to pick up”


Architect, Seattle

“I attended the 8 week workshop of the Habit School. I was pleasantly surprised at how the training and understanding of mechanics of forming habits that were taught on the workshop helped me form and retain new habits that aligned with my goals. All of this started even before the workshop ended and it has been 3 weeks since the workshop now and not only have I continued what I had started, but I have formed new habits too now. I realized during the course of the sessions and saw it practically how my own mind was getting impacted and how to use the functioning of the mind to my advantage.

Nitin was a very open, patient and knowledgeable teacher who shared his experiences and brought more clarity about how to form habits. I also found it very easy to form the habits that I had wanted to, but was not able to form for years! Just by learning the technique and delving a little into the specifics with Nitin’s help, I was able to easily start those habits.

As a result, I feel much better about myself and now I have also begun to look at myself differently. As someone who can keep her word to herself. It is much more satisfying to be able to follow my habits daily and to live life this way. I feel like I am not an obstruction in my own life anymore.”

Satyavrat Sharma,

Event Manager, Pune

“I joined The Habit School as I was struggling with quitting certain bad habits and replace them with healthier ones. I had no clue how to get started and previously I had made several resolutions that didn’t last more than a week. This time though I learned the mechanics of building habits and also the principles that can help quit bad habits. Instead of overnight transformation, I have now started taking one step at a time in the direction of becoming the person that I wish to become. These are learnings that will stay with me for life.”

A year from now you wish you had started today

We all want to work on improving ourselves.

Some of us want small improvements while some of us are seeking huge transformation. Some of us have probably tried to create new habits under high motivation but have failed at it when the motivation dropped. The ‘why’ behind our motivation can only carry us so far.

So the question is, is there a systematic approach to habit building? And if yes, what are the tools one can employ to make the journey easier?

Hardly about how to form new habits

It’s an irony that we are taught about finance, maths and science, but hardly about how to form new habits.

According to a research, 40 to 95 percent of human behaviour—how we think, what we say, and our overall actions—falls into the habit category. If we select a conservative 50 percent, we are on autopilot half the time! Do we allow our car to be on autopilot without a good backend software running it? Most likely, no.

Then the question is, can we run our life on autopilot for at least 50% of the time without consciously looking into our actions and behaviours during that time?

What will you get from attending The Habit School?

Understand it.

Understand the science of habit formation, including how identity-driven changes are the strongest.

Explore if there a self belief that’s working against building a habit

Build it.

Identify the missing ingredients in your habit journey so far. Gain an understanding of what has not worked out and how to correct it.

What can we do to influence willpower? What can support us with habits when the motivation dies?

Apply it.

Practical application to apply the tools learnt in the class. Opportunity to build two habits of your choice and get rid of one ’negative habit’.

Challenges you may be facing

Often we are aware of the “areas of improvement” in our lives. Even when we know what needs to be improved, we don’t always have a system to get there and may face various challenges. This course will help you to address the following challenges:

I want to bring a transformation in my life but don’t know how to get started


Though I know the habits that I want to build, I don’t have time to inculcate them in my busy schedule


I feel habits will restrict me and make my life boring as I am by nature a spontaneous person


Even if I start building new habits my environment and company keep pulling me back to my old ways


I struggle with quitting undesirable habits and behaviours


I make New Year resolutions but after few weeks I lose momentum and I am back to my old ways


I don’t know which habits are the right ones for me to build


My willpower is not strong enough to resist temptations

Why do you need this course?

Acquire new skills

We live in a knowledge economy where the change in our external environment fast outpaces what we have learnt in school and universities. To remain relevant in the current times, we constantly need to learn new skills such as a new (coding) language, finance, communication, and so forth. Learning is not a one time activity but needs to be a constant in our lives and that’s where cultivating a learning habit is key.

Meet your goals

We all have goals and ambitions. However, to meet our ambitious targets we often need to bring a change in our lifestyle and our ways of working. Most times these transformation journeys need to be sustainable. Habits can provide the bedrock for these sustainable changes.

Learn a system

We form habits all the time either consciously or unconsciously. How would our lives be if we had a system that taught us how to form ‘good’ habits and quit ‘undesirable’ ones. A system that remains with us throughout our lives and that we can implement practically.

Quit undesirable habits/behaviours

We often struggle with negative tendencies and behaviours in our lives because we don’t know the mechanics of how to stop them from taking over our lives. This essential lifeskill is not taught in schools anywhere. As a result, we blame ourselves, our company and our environment. However, quitting these habits is not only about willpower but also learning how a habit gets inculcated in our lives. Knowing so is the first step on the transformation journey.

I’d love to show you how habits can transform your life.